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Complex of deep oil refining produce a profit
from each ton of processed raw materials


We present the complex of deep (up to 90%) of oil refining. Complex consist of the modules. Each module fits into the envelope 40-foot container. Modular refinery unit (UDK) uses dewaxing and improving the quality of hydrocarbon raw materials It is for today not having analogues, the most efficient solution in the field of small refinery.

The technology combines the processes of primary and secondary refining, opens before the owners of complex large features:


  • light oil 40-50% more than usual atmospheric distillation;
  • high-octane gasoline;
  • winter (arctic) diesel fuel regardless of the feedstock.


  • oil and stove oil instead of black oil;
  • liquefied hydrocarbon gas from gas, dissolved in the feedstock.


  • in the absence of costs for supplying and circulating water, sources of heat and electricity;
  • it is easily delivered and easily assembled on site.

Be sure!

  • monitor the comlex operation remotely via the Internet;
  • comlex satisfy the requirements for structural, fire and environmental safety.

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The advantages of mini-MRP with the comlex before the usual mini- MRP

Standard  mini-plant with primary processingMini-plant with the comlex (with primary and secondary processing)
As an output, gives products, which contains in a raw material. As an output, gives products, which are not in a row material and/or gives a better quality to a products, contained in a raw material.
Do not allow deep processing. Gives not more than 50% of light oil-products. Deep processing. Light products share up to 90%.

Gasoline output is a “direct gasoline”. Low-octane.

High cost of conversion to automotive high-octane gasoline.

Gasoline output is a high-octane gasoline.

Needs a very low expense to converse to automotive gasoline.
Diesel has high temperature of thickening. Regardless of crude, diesel has low temperature of thickening and can be used even in Arctic.
Lots of heavy fuel as a wast. With a massive reduction of the black oil obtained oil and stove oil with low freezing point.
Gas, dissolved in petroleum either burned or wasted. Gas, dissolved in petroleum, became one of an output products as a liquid gas.

As a result, an output is value added and has a significantly higher price. The facility gives much more profit per barrel than traditional mini-refinery with comparably low investments.