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Technology of operation of unit for deep processing of oil for mini refinery

Developers installation has created an unusual for a mini-MRP technology.

Before you divide feedstock into components, it is treated in a catalytic reactor.

The catalyst produces multiple operations simultaneously:

  • turns dark into light products,
  • increases the octane number of gasoline,
  • lowers the freezing point of products, etc.

In such a manner, the catalytic reactor converts natural blend of ingredients in the mixture, containing a large amount of expensive petroleum product.This mixture is called catalyzate

The composition of the catalyzate is determined by the composition of the feedstock, the reactor temperature and the rate of passing of feedstock through the reactor.
Catalyzate is carefully divided into components. As it cools down it sequentially into its products. First dark, then light.

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In more detail the technological process can be seen in the diagram below.

Raw oil pumped to facility continuously at a rate of about 2 tons per our. In a recuperation block oil to be heated to 100C. At that stage dissolved gas gets out of oil.
Together with gas, light vapors gets out. Gases and light vapors are not a waste. It will be used further. Propane and butane are gases. Pentane and hexane are in a vapors form.
Petroleum freed of gas and steam goes to furnace with a temperature about 360 - 400 C.
The heating performed in closed chamber with high pressure. Therefore both heavy and light components reaching high temperature. The mixture of liquids and steams goes to evaporator.
Evaporator combines spinning of the material and pressure drop. Due to that, it is possible to evaporate more heavy components. The constriction of the evaporator has major influence on a reprocessing depth.
High temperature mixture of steams goes to catalytic reactor.
Very heavy fuel, taken out of process, to be stored.
The oil at the exit from catalytic reactor contain no very heavy fuel and no gas and passed the cracking process. There is a massive percentage of light oil products in that compound, called catalyzate.
The steam mixture while cooled down is condensing fraction by fraction. Firstly heating oil condensed.
Then diesel.
Then gases and light vapors combined with gasoline steam. That enlarges the gasoline output and much to gasoline’s quality.
Gasoline condensed. All of condensed products to stored separately.
To the gas module loaded the mixture of light products. It is a not-condensed light gasoline, liquefying gas, non-liquefying gas. (so called dry gas). In gas module those three fraction to be separated.
Light gasoline is added to gasoline.
Liquefying gas stored as an output product.
Dry gas taken out of process.
Dry gas partly used in a furnace as a fuel.
Dry gas can be used to produce electricity, otherwise have to be dispersed at a dispersion candle.