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Features of the Complex of deep oil refining


The comlex is designed to produce the maximum amount of quality light oil products by deep processing of feedstock. Complex combines in its technological scheme two processes: thermal separation of the feedstock and catalytic cracking. This combination increases the depth of processing and improves the quality of the resulting products.

Raw materials:

  • stable gas condensate;
  • heating oil (light and dark), straight-run gasoline;
  • oil

The range of output products:

  1. Gasliine fraction - petrli-Regular 91 (AI-92), Premium-95 (AI-95), AI-98 publicly GOST R 51105-97.
  2. Diesel fuel - diesel fuel (the Arctic) with a pour point of - 60°C, EURO according to GOST R 52368-2005 and GOST 305-82, suitable for compounding diesel fuel (summer).
  3. Oil of low viscosity with low pour point (dark furnacefuel).
  4. Fuel oil fraction - residual oil.
  5. LPG (liquefied petrlieum gas) - a propane-butane mixture.
  6. Dry gas - a mixture of light hydrocarbon gases.

The mass yield of the fractions depends on the chemical and fractional composition of raw materials and is accepted on the basis of laboratory data during the processing of a sample.

Unit does not require:

connect to an external source of electricity, as may be complete with gas generator operating on dry gas released during the processing of raw materials;

thermal energy because the heating of the raw material is carry out of built-in modulation gas burner, operating on dry gas generated during the processing;

recycled water for cooling, as provided by AVO (device of air cooling) and built-in refrigeration unit.

The operation of the unit

The control unit is in automatic mode and requires interference of the operator only in emergency situations or when you reconfigure when you change parameters of raw materials. The computer that controls the setup, can connect to the Internet for remote monitoring of unit in the presence of a permanent IP

The number of maintenance staff

Unit operated by two workers per shift. The maintenance staff is obliged to taking preparatory courses for work on unit


The unit consists of modules of transport envelope and has an area of 0.4 Hectares.

Climatic conditions of operation of the unit

The unit can be operated in temperature ranges outside air from -40°C to +40°C and humidity up to 100%. Possiblespecialclimaticversionofinstallation.

Productivity by feedstock

Manufactured units can have a capacity from 50 to 150 tons of feedstock per day

The duration of the process

Manufacturing process is continuous with stops times for 8600 hours (360 days) to change the catalyst and maintenance.


The useful life of the plant is 12 years. The warranty period - 1 year. Warranty and post-warranty technical support, implementation of repair works. Provide spare parts, supplies and consumables.

Range of use

Depending on the tasks the complex can be used for:

  • processing of oil and gas condensate in high-octane gasoline, winter diesel fuel, oil, liquefied gas;
  • processing of straight-run gasoline into high-octane;
  • processing of diesel fuel in winter (temp. pour point from -50C to -60C);
  • changes in physical characteristics of crude oil and black oil: viscosity reduction, pour point;
  • production of gasoline and diesel fuel in the oil extraction locations;
  • production of thermal and electric energy.

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